How I Will Keep Going

I've started and stopped many fitness efforts over the years. Some have lasted hours and some months, but I have always reached a point where they ended. And I have always reached a point where the weight and poor health comes back. So, I decided to examine some of my past efforts and what led to me giving up, as well as what to do differently so that I keep going.

A New Approach

I've learned that I lose motivation when not reading actively about health, fitness and nutrition.

  • So, I will make a daily study of nutrition and health, keeping notes on what I learn

I've learned I lose accountability when I do not actively record how I'm doing each day.

  • I will write in the Flight Log each day, take a photo of myself, and post vital statistics (such as weight, blood pressure, body measurements, etc.)
  • And I will keep track of the Daily Dozen in my iPhone App to track what I eat and to make sure I eat enough of the right foods to have optimal nutrition

I've learned that I lose steam when I'm working toward a superficial motivation, like a prize or reward.

  • Rather than winning a contest or treating myself to a tangible reward, this is about surviving and thriving for the sake of my that they do not go on living without me because of my poor health choices. Thus the

I've learned that I lose motivation when I do not approach each day as a challenging problem to be solved. 

  • I will be more like the guy on "The Martian"... I will treat the opportunity of each new day as a complex scientific puzzle that must be solved from many different, creative, and persistent angles in order to survive