What Leaves The Most Fecal Germs?

Most people think bathrooms, and specifically toilets, have the most fecal matter bacteria. But multiple tests have shown that the kitchen consistently has the most fecal matter, and most of it can be traced to one source: poultry. The majority of raw chicken contains salmonella, which is caused by fecal matter. The chicken industry has been able to get away with selling tainted meat because most of the germs cook out when preparing the chicken. They have been able to say that it is the consumer's fault for not handling the raw chicken properly or using the right cleaning techniques. But researchers recently put to the test what it would take to eliminate the fecal germs caused by preparing raw chicken, and even when using the most extreme cleaning approaches, which are far beyond any reasonable person would do, they were unable to get rid of them. They found bacteria on cutting boards, the sink, cabinet handles, oven and stove handles and knobs, counters, on the kitchen floor. The only reasonable way to avoid having fecal germs all over your kitchen is to never prepare raw poultry in it.