Famous Last Words

The things that make me sick, tired and over weight are the same things that make me feel stuck, depressed and stranded. When I eat better and when I move more, I feel much better in every regard. My skin is clearer, my sleep is better, and my energy is higher. I feel "cleaner." When I eat poorly and am sedentary, I feel tired, unmotivated, and just plain "blah." 

But there are not easy fixes or magic quick answers. Just as I'm learning about many things in my work life and in relationships, it is the longer-term, day to day consistency that is what pays off. And so it is for my health. I can't afford to let myself continue to be trapped in the lies that try to pull me down. I have got to take the time each day to eat nutritious food, whether that means buying it or making it. I've got to take the time to walk and stretch my muscles and work my heart. I've got to take time to continue learning about nutrition so that I stay motivated, and I need to record my struggles and my progress each day.


Once again, I didn't eat very well today. Less in terms of choices of food and more in terms of timing and quantity. I had a breakfast shake when I woke up (which ended up being around lunch time because I woke up just in time for a 9am meeting and didn't have time to make anything before the meeting). Then I didn't eat anything until dinner because I was too tied up in meetings and work. So I was pretty hungry while heading into dinner and only had taken in a few hundred calories so far. While making dinner, I felt more of a tendency to eat from what I was cooking, without fully paying attention to what it was I was eating. So, I think I ate more things that I wouldn't have normally eaten, mostly because I wasn't paying enough attention to it.  

And then once dinner was ready, I didn't eat anything but an orange. So, I found myself hungry again around 9:30pm and thought I ought to just get to bed. But instead, I came out to the kitchen and did what I have a bad habit of doing--grabbing food and sitting down to watch or read something so that I tune out as to what I am eating. I ate things that were OK to eat -- sprouted grain bread, jam sweetened only with fruit juice, and hummus. But I ate too much while I was zoned out -- I ate 3 pieces of bread and like half the jar of jam. I know that fruit juice can be just as harmful as regular added sugar, so I try to limit my intake of things like fruit-sweetened jam. But not when I am mindlessly eating. In the end, I ate way too much food, and part of that was because I hadn't properly eaten during the day itself. When I do this, I am more foggy-brained than normal and have low energy levels. 


Today was a busy day and I wasn't as focused as I'd like to be on health. Sat at a desk the whole day and didn't get many steps in. I am becoming more aware of how stress and pressure influence my physical health. Besides raising my blood pressure and triggering cravings for junk, stress leads to me feeling like there is so much that has to get done, I can't possibly take a break from it to do something enjoyable or that is good for my health, such as a short nap, a walk in the neighborhood, or some other form of meditation, stretching or exercise. It also keeps me constantly feeling like I don't have time or attention for other people and that I am helplessly behind in everything I'm doing. And that leads me to feel like not even starting into the things I need to work on, which makes the whole thing worse. 

The truth is, even if I'm busy, the urgency and stress I am feeling are largely self-driven. As examples: