Woke up feeling pretty good today...weighted in at 263, so only 1 lb about the pre-vacation weight, and feel like I've finally shed some of the water I was retaining after the flight home. 

I've been trying some of the sprouted grain bread lately and really like them. For example, this morning I had an Ezekiel Bread English muffin with some all-fruit jam, and it was great. In fact, I don't think I'd ever pick a high sugar processed breakfast over it.

Yesterday, I read about the impact of ground flaxseed and herbal hibiscus tea on blood pressure. Controlled studies have yielded better results from having hibiscus leaves soaked in water (hot or cold) than have blood pressure medications themselves. And flaxseed has amazing properties that lower blood pressure and cholesterol as well. It is interesting that in some studies, about 50% of people have a positive result (meaning the blood level of cholesterol or the blood pressure lowers) but the other 50% don't have any impact that is notable. But 50% is pretty good odds for something that doesn't have apparent side effects...I'd take those odds for the potential improvements in vital readings.

Went shopping today at Vitamin Cottage, which is a good thing...at other times in my life I've gone on a health kick and made a huge shopping trip to Vitamin Cottage (with organic produce, less-processed foods and generally more healthy selections), never to return. So, going multiple times is a good thing. Planned out meals for the rest of the week. 

I sure missed fresh produce while on vacation. Not that it wasn't available at all...I did have an occasional apple, banana or orange, but I've come to really enjoy having berries each day or other produce high in antioxidants, and these were sparse on the cruise and on vacation in general.


A better day today in terms of less cravings. I haven't been doing as well getting in all of the greens I need each day. Fruit is easy to eat and quick to grab. Greens and some other vegetables require more work and planning sometimes. 

I did well eating mostly green-light foods today, but even green light foods can cause trouble if I eat too much of them or the wrong balance of them (such as eating 1000 calories of nuts). I need to make some adjustments to stick to the serving amounts I'm aiming for within the different types of foods. Basically these: 


Happy New Year. That means parties. And that, at least in my extended family, means food. And not usually healthy food. Took some pre-planning to have food at the family reunion event that is healthy. Jacob, Trevan and I went to Bashas on the way to the reunion lunch and picked out a combination of healthy and not-that-healthy foods. In the healthy camp, we bought a veggie tray, low-sodium v-8 juice, and hummus...


Felt great after a morning breakfast of Shakeology mixed with walnuts, berries, spinach, kale, dates, and water, topped with flax seed and toasted oats. Went to Costco after that and wasn't tempted by the junk there. Started feeling sick (been getting a cold) while at Costco and came home and crashed a bit. Bought some good produce.

I had a salad tonight from Kneaders, with greens, avocado, kidney beans, hummus (all green), and a little bit of boiled shredded chicken (yellow). For dressing, I used apple cider vinegar (green) and some olive oil (yellow). Had some bean soup from the restaurant as well (high sodium, so only a small amount).