2/1 - 2/22/16

Well, we are back from our 3 week trip to Europe, which included 11 days on a cruise to Spain and Italy, followed-up by visits to Paris and London. 

The trip proved to be a mixed bag when it comes to eating and to remaining accountable for my change of lifestyle. I started out with a plan about how to eat only the healthiest foods while gone, and I resisted anything at all deviating from the plan while we traveled to Europe and in our hotel prior to the cruise. We requested ahead of time that I be given a low-sodium, vegetable-based meal plan, but since Norwegian does a flexible eating style, that would mean having to make arrangements at every meal in every restaurant. I quickly decided just to eat in moderation the best I could and choose the healthier range of choices available. 

What Happened To My Posts?

I wrote a few posts while out of town but they seem to have been lost. I outlined a plan as to how to approach the trip to Europe and a few updates about how it was going. I guess the Internet combined with my iPad lost it somehow. I will post a summary update instead, which will cover the 3 week period we have been out of the country.