Woke up feeling like most of the salt I ate last night flushed through my body. I ended up waking during the night to use the bathroom about 3 times, I think. Anyway, I was happy I didn't wake up feeling puffy or full. 

Started with a bowl of oatmeal with raisin sugar, soy milk and some home-made dried bananas and cranberries, totaling about 1 serving of fruit between them all.

Lunchtime is now here and I need to decide what to eat. Tons of fresh produce to cut up, if I want to put the work into it, and some butternut squash that I baked yesterday but didn't eat. I need to be sure to fit some beans in as well today--that and greens have been the two areas I haven't been doing perfectly in the past few days. Today, I'll be sure to add them, and I've already eaten a snack of edamame, so that is a good start.


Crazy busy day today. Which meant that I actually hardly ate anything--worked at my computer the entire day from about 7 am until now (11:30pm). Redesigned the website to have more useful stuff on it. I like how it is looking, so I'm hopeful from here on out just to add content.

I changed the daily checkins for weight to be a chart, so I'll need to keep adding data to it rather than posting separate check-in entries.

For breakfast, I had a piece of whole grain bread (12 grain, made by a couple in our ward that owns a bakers) and had a Shakeology smoothie around lunchtime. Then I ate nothing until night, when I had a healthy pre-packaged meal from a service we were trying out. It seemed a bit high in sodium and I didn't like that meat was the primary focus of the meal. But the risotto and broccolini were good...