Preparing for my annual physical later this week. If I lose another 2 lbs this week, I will go in weighing 20 lbs less than when I went for my previous physical a year and a half ago. The good news about that is, rather than being a short-term sprint, this will represent a slow, steady progress. Imagine if I were to lose 20 pounds year over year. Soon I wouldn't need to, but if I did so until at a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle, this would be a more consistent approach and I imagine it would be much longer lasting. 

To get there this week, I need to re-introduce the fresh vegetables and beans that I've been without the past several weeks as I've been through quite a bit of sickness and haven't been wanting to eat much. I've noticed a difference in not feeling strength and energy needed for many of life's demands, and I think that restoring fresh produce and beans will help tremendously, especially since I've been feeling a bit better recently in terms of recovering from the sickness I've had for the past several weeks. 


Frustrated with myself this morning. Weighed in at 252 lbs, and I understand there will be ups and downs in my weight based on a number of factors, but I have not done things to help myself this past week very much. I, once again, ate food right before bed last night, and once again was too liberal about what constitutes "yellow" food and how much to eat. 

I had steak, more than I planned on eating, for dinner. It was high in sodium and is clearly a yellow food, but I kept on eating it rather than only eating the amount on my plate. I also ate lemon blueberry pancakes that Bekah got out for lunch. And I even put maple syrup on them, which is either a yellow or a red food, and yet I kept eating them. And then Kathy made Strawberry bread and I nibbled at that, with the nibbles turning into eating pieces of it. So, overall, I had a day of eating much more yellow food and probably some red, rather than making it to the 80% green target.  

The lack of fresh vegetables, especially greens, in my diet this past week is really telling. I feel less hydrated and more like eating starchy foods. I also have done poorly at planning out what to eat in advance, compared with other weeks. I will get both of these back on track this week and pair them with exercise. My goal is to walk at least 5,000 steps per day each day this week and to do at least one exercise routine through an app each evening this week. 


Well, today was a holiday, so I didn't have work, but it turned out to be a really busy day. I started by sleeping in an bit and having breakfast before heading out to do some shopping at Vitamin Cottage, which is always an interesting experience. As I roam the isles, I'm always impressed with the quality (but not selection) of their produce. The greens are hard to match at any other store around here. But as I go through some of the other areas of the store, I have to wonder what some people think of as "healthy." Vitamin Cottage is a "healthy" store, or at least that is the marketing, so it is interesting to me to find quite a few products with sugar in them (Sprouts is worse, and so is Whole Foods Market). And there are also quite a few products loaded with salt and highly processed. But, there are enough of the type I'm looking for -- low or no salt added, no sugar added, not highly processed--to get plenty of what I need. Checking out is always an adventure. They don't provide plastic bags because they are bad for the environment, so you either have to supply your own bags (fabric) or put your stuff in a box they provide (like Costco, only much smaller scale). 


Spent forever yesterday trying to get this blog to automatically generate an excerpt from a post, if none exists. Right now, I've got to go into the post settings and either type or copy/paste from the original post in order for it to show up as an excerpt in a feed from the blog. That is a minor pain, but I should not have spent 3+ hours trying to figure it out. Kept thinking I was close to getting it, only to find out I was wrong. Anyway, back to posting excerpts manually for now.

Sometimes I'm that way with food as well. I spend way too much time obsessing over tiny parts of food, like whether something has 1 g of sugar added, when there is a much larger picture to attend to. After all, avoiding that 1g of sugar today and then a month from now downing 300mg of sugar by binging puts the 1g today in perspective. But, I have a hard time being moderate sometimes. I like to go all out for something, get exhausted and then collapse and give up. I say I like to, but that isn't accurate. It actually makes me angry with myself when I do that, but it is a pattern I've repeated over and over.


A better day today in terms of less cravings. I haven't been doing as well getting in all of the greens I need each day. Fruit is easy to eat and quick to grab. Greens and some other vegetables require more work and planning sometimes. 

I did well eating mostly green-light foods today, but even green light foods can cause trouble if I eat too much of them or the wrong balance of them (such as eating 1000 calories of nuts). I need to make some adjustments to stick to the serving amounts I'm aiming for within the different types of foods. Basically these: 


Decided to go to the store after dropping off Bekah for school to get snacks for our 3 hour business meeting this morning. Picked a good selection of veggie sticks, berries, apples, hummus, pretzel crackers, and some fruit-based juices. Although I wasn't as careful as I normally would be in grabbing some of it for the meeting as I was late in setting it up. So, I ate more salt than I would have otherwise (salted almonds and dips) and I didn't balance out yellow and green light foods as well as I have on the other days.