Readjusting Again

Well, it’s a life of ups and downs, isn’t it. After peaking out at my highest weight ever, 278lbs, I am heading back down. It is like I go into a trance and just eat and eat junk without stopping to think about it. I don’t account for what I am doing and constantly say I’ll start doing better the next day.

Starting Again

I've fallen prey to the same traps that have consumed me in the past. After getting started again, I've failed to do the things that keep me focused in the right direction. Snacking on something extra turns into eventually eating whatever I want, ignore the clean eating principles that have helped me so much. And failing to track the good foods I eat, failing to study each day about nutrition or fitness to keep it on the top of my mind, and failing to write each day about the progress keep me from being mindful about what I'm doing and result in slowly slipping away and ceasing to remember.  

I'm finally feeling nearly 100% after recovering from pneumonia. I lost my appetite entirely when I was so sick. But as I've begun to feel better, it has returned to fully capacity. Another lesson learned: while I felt sick, I delighted in losing weight and not eating much. I'd sometimes miss two of three meals. And I wasn't eating all of the good stuff I should. But I felt like saying "who cares? I'm losing weight, aren't I?" Well, the problem is my body, which had been used to a flood of nutritious food and antioxidants, then experienced a shut-down of the flow of nutrition. I may have lost weight, but I started to starve my body of the nutrients it needed. That not only compromised the health and healing of my body, but it pulled me further and further from sound nutritional principles, leaving me to languish in the world of moderately-healthy food, or even unhealthy food. 

So, in some ways I hate to say it, because I wish it were not the experience, but here I am starting again. But in other ways I'm glad to say it, because it means I am starting again and that hope is in sight of feeling better in terms of energy and clean eating. 


Woke up around 8am this morning. Saturdays have become the only day I intentionally sleep in a bit on our current schedule. It is interesting that an 8am wake-up time means I'm the first one awake in the household. In any case, I woke feeling rested and ready to take on some things in the schedule today. 

Started with a large smoothie for breakfast--blueberries, cherries, frozen greens, flax seed, raw walnuts, and a cherry natural energy drink with natural sugar derivatives that contain only 5 calories. It was good, but I made too much volume by adding tons of ice. That will all pass through me, but it made it difficult to eat the whole thing (which I wanted to do so that I could benefit from the vitamins and nutrients from the greens and the protein shake in the smoothie). So, now I am very full and cold, but I feel satisfied. 

Later today, Kathy and I will go out on a date. Picking a place to eat is a tradition on our dates, but I think I make it more difficult now that I'm trying to eat better. Restaurants in general are not the best place to hang out when you are trying to eat clean. 

I am overdue for a physical at my doctor for the year. Time flies, and most of the past year's time was spent going up and down the weight ladder, between 22 lbs on the low side (after taking prescription weight loss medicine) and 278 on the high side. I think I went up and down that scale several times this past year, with most of the time spent between 268 and 275. As of just recently, I passed into the 250s zone, moving out of the 260s, so I'm at a lower weight than when I went for a physical last year by about 15 lbs. Not great, but not terrible. I'd like to have lost 20 lbs by the time I do my physical, but I need to either get it done this coming week before we head out of town for 3 weeks, or I need to get it done after returning from the cruise (hopefully the same weight or lighter than when starting the cruise).


I ate a lot of food last night for dinner, so I was surprised to weigh in at 263 this morning--down another pound from yesterday's weigh in. It could be because I slept in until about 10am, so was a bit lighter by that time of morning after not eating breakfast yet. Or it could be that it wasn't high-sodium food, so it didn't make me retain a bunch of water like higher sodium items might have. In any case, I'll take it and am looking forward to getting into the 250 range...that is the range where I start to feel more hopeful again. And 240s are where I start to notice some real progress. And 230s I'm starting to feel great. And 220s are the lowest range I've been in since graduating from college in 1996. And 200s are the lowest I've been since being married. And 190s are the lowest since my mission. And 170s the lowest since high school. And that is where I have no idea of anything prior to that. I recall that I gained into the high 180s or 190s when I was a junior in high school but lost about 20 pounds over the summer between junior and senior year, so that I was down in the 270s for senior year. Then I didn't gain anything beyond that until my mission. When I came home from my mission, I weighed around 190, but I lost some of that during the first few semesters being home...lots of walking and stair climbing and not lots of food.