Noticed a bit of progress today. I went to the grocery store late in the evening, after skipping lunch, and was very hungry. Not a good decision usually, as it probably wasn't today. But here are a few things I noticed:

  • I was mentally kind of looking for an excuse to eat junk ... "I deserve it after a long day and it wouldn't be so bad because I've hardly had much to eat today"
  • I was in a setting where "no one would know." In the past, this has involved me purchasing junk and eating it before going home
  • I am in a habit of buying things at the store to consume on the drive home, whether healthy or less healthy

But, as I wandered the store, deciding what to buy, my cravings were not for the high-sugar, highly-processed or high-sodium items. I wasn't tempted for ice cream, chips, candy or crackers, but more for granola, health-food peanut butter with dark chocolate, juice, etc. In some ways I thought this was a good sign that my tasks and desires are changing when it comes to food. There have been times in the past where the cycle of buying and eating junk food at grocery and convenience food stores led me to consuming 1,000 - 3,000 calories all just off that one shopping experience, consumed entirely by the time I got home. Not this time...my indulgence led me to some all-fruit Popsicles, a bunch of frozen no-sugar-added fruits I can blend into smoothies, and a huge bottle of water.


Had early church meetings this morning at 7am, but woke up early enough to make sure I took a morning home-blended smoothie with me. I used vanilla Shakeology mix, walnuts, frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, some frozen greens, and flaxseed. It was one of those shakes that tastes perfect...wouldn't change a thing about it. I've been surprised how much texture blended nuts add to the smoothie and how little the greens show through (I can barely tell they are there, and had I not made the blend myself, I may not have recognized greens in there at all).


Finished off the day with a healthy meal at night, having some Brussel's Sprouts and Broccoli steamed.

Found a great idea: as a substitute for a taco, use a potato or sweet potato as the "shell" and filling, and then top it with beans and other taco toppings.


We are on the early morning church schedule now, so bishopric meeting started at 7am this morning. I woke up with enough time to get ready to leave, but not with a lot of time for breakfast. I grabbed a banana and a nut-based snack and headed out.

Did Ok throughout the morning, and I had ward council meeting after the church block, so I wasn't home until about 2:30. I ate some lentil soup (high is sodium) and some left over Chinese food from Saturday's dinner. Sitting down with the container of Chinese food was a mistake and one I've made often in my life. Rather than eating a few bites of the vegetables, which was my plan, I ended up eating a lot of it, which gave me a lot of sodium (which I didn't need after having the lentil soup which was already so high in sodium), plus it gave me more oil and meat than I wanted. Lesson learned: don't sit down with any containers of food, particularly those not purely "green light" foods.