Spent forever yesterday trying to get this blog to automatically generate an excerpt from a post, if none exists. Right now, I've got to go into the post settings and either type or copy/paste from the original post in order for it to show up as an excerpt in a feed from the blog. That is a minor pain, but I should not have spent 3+ hours trying to figure it out. Kept thinking I was close to getting it, only to find out I was wrong. Anyway, back to posting excerpts manually for now.

Sometimes I'm that way with food as well. I spend way too much time obsessing over tiny parts of food, like whether something has 1 g of sugar added, when there is a much larger picture to attend to. After all, avoiding that 1g of sugar today and then a month from now downing 300mg of sugar by binging puts the 1g today in perspective. But, I have a hard time being moderate sometimes. I like to go all out for something, get exhausted and then collapse and give up. I say I like to, but that isn't accurate. It actually makes me angry with myself when I do that, but it is a pattern I've repeated over and over.


Woke up feeling like most of the salt I ate last night flushed through my body. I ended up waking during the night to use the bathroom about 3 times, I think. Anyway, I was happy I didn't wake up feeling puffy or full. 

Started with a bowl of oatmeal with raisin sugar, soy milk and some home-made dried bananas and cranberries, totaling about 1 serving of fruit between them all.

Lunchtime is now here and I need to decide what to eat. Tons of fresh produce to cut up, if I want to put the work into it, and some butternut squash that I baked yesterday but didn't eat. I need to be sure to fit some beans in as well today--that and greens have been the two areas I haven't been doing perfectly in the past few days. Today, I'll be sure to add them, and I've already eaten a snack of edamame, so that is a good start.