Famous Last Words

The things that make me sick, tired and over weight are the same things that make me feel stuck, depressed and stranded. When I eat better and when I move more, I feel much better in every regard. My skin is clearer, my sleep is better, and my energy is higher. I feel "cleaner." When I eat poorly and am sedentary, I feel tired, unmotivated, and just plain "blah." 

But there are not easy fixes or magic quick answers. Just as I'm learning about many things in my work life and in relationships, it is the longer-term, day to day consistency that is what pays off. And so it is for my health. I can't afford to let myself continue to be trapped in the lies that try to pull me down. I have got to take the time each day to eat nutritious food, whether that means buying it or making it. I've got to take the time to walk and stretch my muscles and work my heart. I've got to take time to continue learning about nutrition so that I stay motivated, and I need to record my struggles and my progress each day.


Preparing for my annual physical later this week. If I lose another 2 lbs this week, I will go in weighing 20 lbs less than when I went for my previous physical a year and a half ago. The good news about that is, rather than being a short-term sprint, this will represent a slow, steady progress. Imagine if I were to lose 20 pounds year over year. Soon I wouldn't need to, but if I did so until at a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle, this would be a more consistent approach and I imagine it would be much longer lasting. 

To get there this week, I need to re-introduce the fresh vegetables and beans that I've been without the past several weeks as I've been through quite a bit of sickness and haven't been wanting to eat much. I've noticed a difference in not feeling strength and energy needed for many of life's demands, and I think that restoring fresh produce and beans will help tremendously, especially since I've been feeling a bit better recently in terms of recovering from the sickness I've had for the past several weeks. 


Woke up feeling much better today as far as energy and congestion.  And, surpringly, my blood pressure was a respectable 120/ it has been in a long time. I am taking two blood pressure medicines, true, but even with the two of them I have struggled lately to get my readings out of the red zone (above 140/90)   So, good progress so far after a few days of clean eating.

Heading out to AZ today and going with Spencer and his girlfriend, Stef, to Red Lobster tonight. So, a day of choices ahead for airports, airplanes, travel and restaurants. I think it will take some good planning to avoid the traps that await. 


Felt great after a morning breakfast of Shakeology mixed with walnuts, berries, spinach, kale, dates, and water, topped with flax seed and toasted oats. Went to Costco after that and wasn't tempted by the junk there. Started feeling sick (been getting a cold) while at Costco and came home and crashed a bit. Bought some good produce.

I had a salad tonight from Kneaders, with greens, avocado, kidney beans, hummus (all green), and a little bit of boiled shredded chicken (yellow). For dressing, I used apple cider vinegar (green) and some olive oil (yellow). Had some bean soup from the restaurant as well (high sodium, so only a small amount).